Yearly Archives: 2011

Place-name of the Month – Nov/Dec 2011

Christmas! This month’s chosen place-names follow the theme of Christmas and highlight all of the festive-sounding place-names within British Antarctic Territory (see map, click for larger version). Most of the names are coincidentally festive, however two of the names have specific Christmas-related descriptions: Cape Christmas (72° 18′ 58″ S, 60° 42′ 0″ W) marks the […]

Place-name of the Month – Sept/Oct 2011

Mount Scott Mount Scott (65° 09′ 00″ S, 64° 03′ 00″ W) rises to 880 m on the east side of Penola Strait, Graham Coast (see map, click for larger version). It was roughly mapped by the French Antarctic Expedition (1908-10) in 1909 and named by Charcot in 1912 after the well-known explorer Capt. Robert […]

Place-name of the Month – July/Aug 2011

Fullastern Rock Fullastern Rock (67° 36′ 58″ S, 69° 25′ 59″ W) is a submerged rock on the west side of Johnston Passage, to the west of Adelaide Island (see map, click for larger version). It was first charted by a Royal Navy Hydrographic Survey Unit from RRS John Biscoe in 1963.  The ship was […]

Place-name of the Month – May/June 2011

Delusion Point Delusion Point (65° 22′ 59″ S, 62° 0′ 0″ W) is located at the head of Exasperation Inlet, on Oscar II Coast, and marks the south side of the terminus of Crane Glacier (see map, click for larger version).  It was first photographed from the air by Wilkins on 20 December 1928 and […]

Place-name of the Month – March/April 2011

Pourquoi-Pas? Island Pourquoi-Pas? Island (67° 40′ 59″ S, 67° 30′ 0″ W) is situated about 20 km from Rothera; in the north-east corner of Marguerite Bay, between Bigourdan Fjord and Bourgeois Fjord, separated from Blaiklock Island by The Narrows (see map, click for larger version). It was first discovered and roughly charted by Charcot ‘s […]