Yearly Archives: 2013

Place-name of the Month – Nov/Dec 2013

Busen Region The Busen Region is an area of ice free land midway along the north coast of South Georgia. It is bounded on the west by Neumayer and Fortuna glaciers, to the north Fortuna and Stromness bays, to the east by Cumberland Bay, to the south by Cumberland West Bay, and incorporates Lewin Peninsula. […]

Place-name of the Month – Sept/Oct 2013

The Great Storm Following the “Great Storm” of 2013, this Place-name of the Month highlights many of the stormy-sounding names in the Antarctic (see map), such as Blow-me-down Bluff, Gale Ridge, Whirlwind Inlet and Thunder Glacier (detailed below). Although windspeeds in the UK during the storm reached up to 99 mph (on the Isle of […]

Place-name of the Month – July/Aug 2013

King George Island King George Island (62°0’19″S, 58°17’12″W) is one of the South Shetland Islands; north-east of Nelson Island and south-west of Elephant Island. It was discovered and roughly charted on its north coast by William Smith on 16 October 1819, providing the site of the first landing in Antarctica and being included in the […]

Place-name of the Month – May/June 2013

Zavodovski Island Zavodovski Island (56° 18′ 00″ S, 27° 34′ 00″ W) is the northern-most island of the Traversay Islands, South Sandwich Islands. The island rises to an active volcanic cone at c. 550 m and was discovered and charted by the Russian Antarctic Expedition on 4 January 1820, who named it Ostrov Zavodovskiy after […]

Place-name of the Month – March/April 2013

Thatcher Peninsula Thatcher Peninsula (54° 16′ 32″ S, 36° 32′ 11″ W) is situated between Cumberland West Bay to the west and Cumberland East Bay and Moraine Fjord to the east, bounded to the south by Lyell Glacier and Hamberg Glacier (see map). It was named in 1991 after Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baronness Thatcher LG, […]

Place-name of the Month – Jan/Feb 2013

Queen Elizabeth Land In December 2012, in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year, Queen Elizabeth the Second was honoured with a place-name in Antarctica; Queen Elizabeth Land. The area covers approximately 169,000 square miles and is in the southern part of the British Antarctic Territory, bounded on the north side by the Ronne Ice […]