Place-name of the Month – May/June 2014

Midsummer/MidwinterMidwinter map

Midwinter is a significant date in the calendar of all BAS Staff as it marks the point at which the days will start to lengthen and the sun will start to return to the Antarctic. In honour of the occasion, and for all those wintering at the bases, this month’s place-name theme celebrates the summer solstice, or Midwinter’s Day, as it is known in the Southern Hemisphere.

The map shows the transition from Mount Light on the west of the Ronne Ice Shelf, at the base of the Antarctic Peninsula, to Mount Dark on the south-east of the ice shelf, in the Pensacola Mountains. Mount Light was first surveyed in 1947 by FIDS-RARE out of Stonington Island and named after Dr Richard Upjohn Light, President of the American Geophysical Society 1947-67. Mount Dark was named in 2010 after Bill Dark, BAS General Assistant who worked in the Pensacola Mountains and around the Antarctic Peninsula in the 1980s.

Happy Midwinter!