Place-name of the Month – Sept/Oct 2014

Dingle Day NunataksDingle Day map

Dingle (64° 31′ 37″ S, 57° 25′ 8″ W) and Day (64° 29′ 53″ S, 57° 20′ 31″ W) nunataks are two areas of exposed rock on the south-west side of Snow Hill Island, which is located to the east of James Ross Island (see map). They were named following a BAS field party in the James Ross Island area in the 1994-1995 season, after members of the group; Dingle Nunatak is named after Dr Richard Vernon Dingle, (b.1943), who was a BAS geologist (Palaeoenvironmental change) 1994-1997, and Day Nunatak is named for Crispin Mark Jeremy Day, (b. 1960), who was a BAS Field GA at Rothera at the time, and is now part of the Rothera Communications team. Combined, the names cunningly refer to the perfect blue skies and sunshine that greeted the field party – a ‘dingle day’!