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Place-name of the Month – March/April 2017

Rothera Day May 3rd was Rothera Day, where Rothera’s role as the logistics hub in Antarctica and the exciting plans for future development were celebrated here at BAS.  Rothera Research Station is located on Rothera Point (67° 34′ 10″ S, 68° 07′ 37″ W), Adelaide Island, named after John Rothera, FIDS surveyor for Horseshoe Island […]

Place-name of the Month – Jan/Feb 2017

Russian Revolution Centenary 2017 is the centenary of the Russian Revolutions; the first of which took place in March 1917.  The “February Revolution” actually began on March 8th and culminated in the abdication of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II on March 15th, ending over 300 years’ rule by the Romanov dynasty. Key figures […]