Terms of reference


The Committee advises the Commissioners of the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) on matters relating to place-naming policies in the respective territories.


The Committee meets to receive, consider and make proposals and recommendations for place-names in the BAT and SGSSI. It will exchange information and liaise with the Antarctic Place-Names Committees of other states in the consideration and formulation of place names.

The Committee normally meets at the beginning of April and October. In addition the Secretary prepares research for new place-name proposals every three months; in January, April, July and October. These proposals are considered intersessionally by the Committee.

All recommendations of the Committee are sent to the Commissioners of the BAT and SGSSI for their endorsement.

The Chairman of the Committee is appointed by the Head of Overseas Territories Directorate, Foreign and Commonwealth Office in liaison with the Commissioner of SGSSI. A Vice-Chairman is chosen by the members of the Committee.

The term of tenure of the Chairman shall be for three years, but may be renewed. Expert members have an open-ended tenure. Ad hoc members serve a three year tenure with the option to reapply at the end of that time.