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Place-name of the Month – March/April 2017

Rothera Day May 3rd was Rothera Day, where Rothera’s role as the logistics hub in Antarctica and the exciting plans for future development were celebrated here at BAS.  Rothera Research Station is located on Rothera Point (67° 34′ 10″ S, 68° 07′ 37″ W), Adelaide Island, named after John Rothera, FIDS surveyor for Horseshoe Island […]

Place-name of the Month – Jan/Feb 2017

Russian Revolution Centenary 2017 is the centenary of the Russian Revolutions; the first of which took place in March 1917.  The “February Revolution” actually began on March 8th and culminated in the abdication of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II on March 15th, ending over 300 years’ rule by the Romanov dynasty. Key figures […]

Place-name of the Month – Jan/Feb 2015

Bye(rs Peninsula) As this is my final place-name of the month article, I thought I would mark the occasion by choosing a farewell place-name… Byers Peninsula (62° 37′ 59″ S, 61° 3′ 58″ W) is located at the west end of Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, and was first visited by nineteenth-century sealers. It was […]

Place-name of the Month – Nov/Dec 2014

Stromness Stromness (54° 09′ 34″ S, 36° 42′ 40″ W) is the site of the shore whaling station at the head of Stromness Harbour, Stromness Bay (see map). The name stems from usage by sealers and whalers; strømness means stream point. It was first leased to Sandefjord Whaling Company by the Falkland Islands Government in […]

Place-name of the Month – Sept/Oct 2014

Dingle Day Nunataks Dingle (64° 31′ 37″ S, 57° 25′ 8″ W) and Day (64° 29′ 53″ S, 57° 20′ 31″ W) nunataks are two areas of exposed rock on the south-west side of Snow Hill Island, which is located to the east of James Ross Island (see map). They were named following a BAS […]

Place-name of the Month – July/Aug 2014

Robin Subglacial Basin Following the publication of Bedmap2, the project collaborators were encouraged to submit place-name proposals for any new features identified from this new dataset. Robin Subglacial Basin was identified as a deep subglacial feature approximately 220 km by 50 km and nearly 2 km below sea level (see map). It is situated upstream […]

Place-name of the Month – May/June 2014

Midsummer/Midwinter Midwinter is a significant date in the calendar of all BAS Staff as it marks the point at which the days will start to lengthen and the sun will start to return to the Antarctic. In honour of the occasion, and for all those wintering at the bases, this month’s place-name theme celebrates the […]

Place-name of the Month – March/April 2014

Glaciers around Rothera Like numerous features around Antarctic bases, many of the glaciers around Rothera are named after people who worked in the region when the first bases were established. This area was first surveyed by Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS) working out of the Stonington Island base in 1948, and then from Adelaide in […]

Place-name of the Month – Jan/Feb 2014

South Sandwich Islands A new geological map of the South Sandwich Islands has recently been produced as a collaboration between Peter Fretwell in MAGIC, and geologists including Rob Larter, Phil Leat and John Smellie. The individual maps of the each of the islands use newly acquired WorldView2 satellite imagery, and include lots of information about […]

Place-name of the Month – Nov/Dec 2013

Busen Region The Busen Region is an area of ice free land midway along the north coast of South Georgia. It is bounded on the west by Neumayer and Fortuna glaciers, to the north Fortuna and Stromness bays, to the east by Cumberland Bay, to the south by Cumberland West Bay, and incorporates Lewin Peninsula. […]