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The following abbreviations are taken from The History of Place-names in the British Antarctic Territory. British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, No.113, pp.52-59. HATTERSLEY-SMITH, G. 1991.

Generic parts

The generic parts of some synonyms have been left in the abbreviated form as published in original sources, where it has been impossible to determine the full generic form with certainty (e.g. I. Annenkow).


In foreign language names which may be written in two or more words, or with hyphens between the words (with or without capital letters after the hyphens), or as a single word, the earliest form of the name has been referenced and the other forms ignored (e.g. Annenkovinsel).


References in two successive sets of brackets refer in the first set of brackets to details of discovery and mapping and in the second set to the first publication of a name.

Spelling variations

Variant forms of spelling can cause doubts as to the correct spelling and can also arrange names in suffi-ciently different alphabetical order to be confusing. For these reasons all published mis-spellings and corrupt forms of names have been included among the synonyms.

Translation and transliteration of foreign names

Many foreign synonyms are direct translations of English names, and this is usually indicated in square brackets. The glossary of geo-graphical terms (p. 15) provides a key to the meaning of the generic parts of foreign place-names, but where the meaning of the specific part is not clear a translation is given in square brackets in the place-name entries. Most of the Russian names have been transliterated by the system agreed between the British Permanent Committee on Geographical Names and the United States Board on Geographic Names (PCGN, 1948).


AAE [date] Argentine Antarctic Expedition

AGS American Geographical Society

APC Great Britain Foreign [and Commonwealth] Office. Antarctic Place-names Committee

Argentina. AA Argentina. Armada Argentina

Argentina. CNA Argentina. Comision Nacional del Antartico

Argentina. FATA Argentina. Fuerza Aerea de Tareas Antarticas

Argentina. IAA Argentina. Instituto Antartico Argentino

Argentina. IGM Argentina. Instituto Geografico Militar

Argentina. MD Argentina. Ministerio de Defensa Research Expedition, 1929-31

Argentina. MM. [NM] Argentina. Ministerio de Marina. [Notices to Mariners]

Argentina. MRE Argentina. Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto

Australia. ANARE Australia. Department of Science and Technology. Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions

Australia. ANPMCA Australia. Department of Science and Technology. Antarctic Names and Polar Medals Committee of Australia

Australia. DEA Australia. Department of External Affairs

Australia. DI Australia. Department of the Interior

Australia. DND Australia. Department of National Development

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BA. [NM] Great Britain. Ministry of Defence [Admiralty]. Hydrographic Department. [Notices to Mariners]

BAARE British Arctic Air Route Expedition, 1930-31

BAE [date] British Antarctic Expedition

BANZARE British-Australian-New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition, 1929-31

BAS [date] Great Britain. Natural Environment Research Council. British Antarctic Survey

BAT British Antarctic Territory

BeAE Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897-99

Belgium. MAE Belgium. Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres

BGLE British Graham Land Expedition, 1934-37

BITAE British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-16

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CACA Club Andino de Chile, Antartida

CAE [date] Chilean Antarctic Expedition

Chile. DNH Chile. Departamento de Navegacion é Hidrografia [de la Armada]

Chile. IGM Chile. Instituto Geografico Militar

Chile. IH[A]. [NM] Chile. Instituto Hidrografico [de la Armada].[Notices to Mariners]

Chile. INACH Chile. Instituto Antartico Chileno

Chile. MRE Chile. Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

CO Great Britain. Colonial Office

CSM Cabinet Scientifique de SAS le Prince de Monaco

CSESG Combined Services Expedition to South Georgia, 1964-65

CSM Cabinet Scientifique de SAS le Prince de Monaco

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DCS Great Britain. Directorate of Colonial Surveys

DI [date] Great Britain. Colonial Office. “Discovery” Investigations

DMS Great Britain. Ministry of Defence. Directorate of Military Survey

DOS Great Britain. Directorate of Overseas Surveys

DWE Dundee Whaling Expedition, 1892-93

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EPF Expeditions Polaires Francaises

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FAE [date] French Antarctic Expedition

F[C]0 Great Britain. Foreign [and Commonwealth] Office

FID Great Britain. Colonial Office. Falkland Islands [and] Dependencies

FIDASE Falkland Islands Dependencies Aerial Survey Expedition, 1955-57

FIDS [date] Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey

FIG Falkland Islands Government

France. MMC France. Ministere de la Marine et des Colonies

France. SHM France. Service Hydrographique de la Marine

France. TAAF France. Territoire des Terres Australes et Ant¬arctiques Francaises

FRG Federal Republic of Germany

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GAE [date] German Antarctic Expedition

Germany. DHI Germany. Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut

Germany. IAG Federal Republic of Germany. Institut far Angewandte Geodasie

Germany. OK Germany. Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine

GIPYE German. International Polar Year Expedition, 1882-83

GSGE German South Georgia Expedition, 1928-29

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HA Hvalfangernes Assuranceforening (Oslo)

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ICRD Great Britain. Interdepartmental Committee on Research and Development in the Dependen¬cies of the Falkland Islands

IGA Institute Geografico Argentino

IGY International Geophysical Year, 1957-58

IHB International Hydrographic Bureau

IHO/IOC United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. International Hydrographic Organization/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

IOS Great Britain. Natural Environment Research Council. Institute of Oceanographic Sciences

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JSEBI Great Britain. Ministry of Defence. Joint Services Expedition to Brabant Island, 1983-85

JSEEI Great Britain. Ministry of Defence. Joint Services Expedition to Elephant Island, 1970-71

JSEEIG Great Britain. Ministry of Defence. Joint Services Expedition to the Elephant Island Group, 1976-77

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MOD Great Britain. Ministry of Defence

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NAE [date] Norwegian Antarctic Expedition

NERC Great Britain. Natural Environment Research Council

NGS National Geographic Society (Washington, DC)

NM Notices to Mariners

NP Norsk Polarinstitutt (Oslo)

NWE [date] Norwegian Whaling Expedition

NZAPC New Zealand. Lands and Survey Department. Geographic Board. Antarctic Place Names Committee

NZLSD New Zealand. Lands and Survey Department

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ODF [date] United States Operation “Deep Freeze”

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PAE [date] Polish Antarctic Expedition

PCGN Great Britain. Permanent Committee on Geographical Names

PRO Great Britain. Public Record Office.

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RAE Russian Antarctic Expedition, 1819-21

RARE Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition, 1947-48

RGS Royal Geographical Society (London)

RSGS Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Edinburgh)

RSIGYE Royal Society International Geophysical Year Expedition, 1955-59

RV Research Vessel

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SAE [date] Soviet Antarctic Expedition

SCAR International Council of Scientific Unions. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

SDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (London)

SNAE Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-04

Soviet Union. AA Soviet Union. Glavnoye Upravleniye Geodezii i Kartografii. Atlas Antarktiki

Soviet Union. BSE Soviet Union. Bol’shaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopediya

Soviet Union. GUGK Soviet Union. Glavnoye Upravleniye Geodezii i Kartografii

Soviet Union. MMF Soviet Union. Ministerstvo Morskogo Flota SSSR

Soviet Union. UNGSVF Soviet Union. Upravleniye Nachal’nika Gidro-graficheskoy Sluzhby Voyenno-Morskogo Flota

SPA Specially Protected Area (under the Antarctic Treaty)

Spain. DH Spain. Direccion de Hidrografia

SPRI Scott Polar Research Institute (Cambridge)

SRAE Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition, 1921-22

SRBG Societe Royale Belge de Geographie (Brussels)

SRGA Societe Royale de Geographie d’Anvers (Antwerp)

SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest (under the Antarctic Treaty)

SwAE Swedish Antarctic Expedition, 1901-04

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TAE Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-58

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USAAF United States Army Air Forces

USACAN United States. Department of the Interior. Board on Geographic Names. Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names

USACRREL United States Army. Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

USAE [date] United States Antarctic Expedition

USAF United States Air Force

USARP United States. National Science Foundation Antarctic Research Program

USAS United States Antarctic Service, 1939-41

USASA United States Antarctic Support Agency

USBGN United States. Department of the Interior. Board on Geographic Names

USCG [C] United States Coast Guard [Cutter]

USDMAAC United States. Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center

USDMAHC United States. Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center

USEE United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-42

USGS United States. Department of the Interior Geological Survey

USHO United States. Navy Department. Hydrographic Office

USLANDSAT United States. Department of the Interior Landsat (Earth Resources Technology satellite).

USMC United States Marine Corps

USMS United States Maritime Service

USN United States Navy

USNAS United States. National Academy of Sciences

USN(CEC) United States Navy. Civil Engineer Corps

USN(MC) United States Navy. Medical Corps

USN(MCB) United States Navy. Mobile Construction Battalion

USNOAA United States. Department of Commerce. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

USNR United States Navy Reserve

USNS United States Naval Ship (Military Sea Transport Service)

USNSF United States. National Science Foundation

USOO United States. Navy Department. Oceanographic Office

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