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Place-name of the Month - Jan/Feb 2014

South Sandwich IslandsBristol Island map

A new geological map of the South Sandwich Islands has recently been produced as a collaboration between Peter Fretwell in MAGIC, and geologists including Rob Larter, Phil Leat and John Smellie. The individual maps of the each of the islands use newly acquired WorldView2 satellite imagery, and include lots of information about the geology and tectonics of the region.

As part of the production of the map, there have been nine new place names approved on the islands, due to the observation that were several significant geologic features that were unnamed. Two notable new place-names honour BAS/ex-BAS scientists Pete Convey and Phil Leat for their contribution to the scientific knowledge of the region; they both took part in biological and geological surveys of the islands in 1997, and Phil also led two subsequent marine expeditions to chart the adjacent sea floor. Their place-names are situated on Bristol Island (see map).