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Anyone who has done fieldwork in Antarctica with BAS is likely to have slept in a pyramid tent or towed a heavily-laden Nansen sledge. Since 1988 these trusted items of equipment have been made for BAS by Snowsled Ltd - designers and suppliers of polar equipment to many national polar research programmes and expeditions.

Mount Daynes is a locally prominent peak rising to 936 m at the head of Sjögren Inlet, NE Antarctic Peninsula . It’s named for Roger Daynes (b.1942), meteorologist and BC at Halley 1971-73, and then co-founder, owner and Director of Snowsled Ltd until his retirement in 2016. Other names associated with pioneers of overland and polar travel in the Nordenskjöld Coast area include Eliason Glacier (Eliason motor sledge), Weasel Hill and Pyke Glacier (Weasel tracked vehicle and its inventor), Mount Tucker (Tucker Sno-cat) and many more.

Place-names around Mount Daynes