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Given the perfect weather we’re having it seems only fitting that we highlight some sunny names found on our favourite cold continent. As many know, a “Dingle Day” is an Antarctic saying for a perfectly calm blue-sky day. This saying can be found in the place names on Snow Hill Island: Dingle Nunatak and Day Nunatak are named for Richard Dingle, BAS geologist, and Crispin Day, Field Guide for a BAS field party of the James Ross Island area in 1994-95.

On the continent, Sky-Blu (74° 51’ 08”S, 71° 34’ 54”W) is situated in Palmer Land, south of Mount Mende and Mount Lanzerotti. Sky-Blu is named after the Sky-Hi Nunataks, named for the US Project “Ski-Hi,” later “Eights Station.”

Disclaimer: MAGIC bears no responsibility if this article jinxes the weather.

Sky-Blu, Dingle and Day Nunataks along the Antarctic Peninsula