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John F. Nye (1923 – 2019) was a prominent figure in the field of glaciology. He was the first to apply plasticity to understand glacier flow and ice sheet behaviour, driving a new area of study within glaciology. Nye Glacier (67° 27’ 06”W, 67° 26’ 29”S) is named for him, and was first surveyed from Stonington Island by FIDS in 1948.

Other places on Arrowsmith Peninsula also have names of prominent glaciologists, such as Reid Glacier (67° 16′ 59″ W, 67° 25′ 59″ S) which is named after Harry Fielding Reid (1859-1944) who studied glacier flow and stratification in Alaska and the Alps. Vallot Glacier (67° 24′ 36″ W, 67° 20′ 31″ S) and Heim Glacier (66° 54′ 23″ W, 67° 26′ 49″ S) are named after Joseph Vallot (1854 – 1925) who first measured the surface velocity of a glacier over a long period, and Albert Heim (1849-1937), who was the first to consider glaciers from microstructure to world-wide distribution.

Place names highlighing significant glaciologists.