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August 1st was the 200th anniversary of Herman Melville’s birth. Testament to the variety of themes present in the APC gazetteer, there is a Moby Dick place name theme in Graham Land, northern Antarctic Peninsula.

Melville Glacier (62° 22′ 58″ W, 65° 28′ 41″ S), is named after the famous author. It was first surveyed by FIDS in 1947. Nearby, the Pequod Glacier (62° 19′ 42″ W, 65° 31′ 20″ S) is named after the whaling ship in the novel, with Mount Ahab (62° 10′ 40″ W, 65° 26′ 02″ S) named after its vengeful captain. Whitewhale Bastion (62° 29′ 50″ W, 65° 37′ 25″ S) rises between Starbuck Glacier and Pippin Peaks, named for the Pequod’s first mate and shipkeeper respectively.

Moby Dick place names in Antarctica