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The RRS James Clark Ross is named after Admiral Sir James Clark Ross, R.N., Royal Navy explorer, and there are many places named in honour of him across the continent as well as on South Georgia and in the Arctic.

Within BAT, James Ross Island (64° 09’ S, 57° 45′W) was roughly charted by Ross during the 1839-1843 Ross Expedition and was originally shown as part of Trinity Peninsula, Palmer Land. It was further surveyed by SwAE in 1903 and determined to be an Island, then confirmed by FIDS in 1945-47.

The Ross Dependency comprises the sector of the continent between 160°E, and 150°W, south of 60°S. Within the Dependency contains the Ross Ice Shelf, Ross Island and Cape Ross, all named after the explorer. The Ross Ice Shelf was discovered on January 28, 1841 by Sir James Clark Ross, who mapped the ice front eastward to 160°W.

Map showing Antarctic place names honouring James Clark Ross